His Sister's Slave Ch. 03

Sadie raised her hand to cover her mouth, contorted her face and screwed up her eyebrows to reveal her shock and disgust. Then she placed a hand on her tilted hip and clasped the door handle with the other.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing with my underwear?" she inclined her head to the side.

Chris tried to pull up his shorts whilst still turned on his front.

"Umm, it's nothing," he said. There wasn't anything else he could say. Sadie's panties lay in full view of both siblings and denying they were hers would be pointless.

"It doesn't look like 'nothing' to me," she said. "Were you jerking off in them, you sick fuck?"

"No I wasn't, I promise," of course his intention was to wrap the soft delicate lace around his throbbing cock at a some later point.

Sadie stepped into the room, bent over and picked up her panties between her thumb and forefinger, turned and made for the door. Just before walking out the door she turned her head and smiled, a dry grin.

"Let's hear what mom has to say about this when she gets back from work?"

"No please don't Sadie. Please, please, please don't. I beg you."

"Clean yourself up you sick disgusting pervert."

She left the door open and walked quickly down the hallway.

This had all happened so quickly that he could still feel the warmth of blood that had rushed to his face, or was that the rush of blood from being completely humiliated. His dick lay against his groin, limp now from shame and guilt.

'How could I be so stupid?' he rebuked himself. 'What was I thinking?' he got up, slammed his door shut and resolved himself to spending the remainder of the day in his bedroom. There was no way now that he could possibly face Sadie. He decided to put the incident to the back of his mind and draw some non-sexualised animated figures. Drawing was his happy place, where he could slip into that safe corner of his mind and forget the world around him, which is what he needed a this moment. Every now and then he would scold himself when the memory of the incident illumined itself in his mind's searchlight. 'I'm sure I'm not the only guy to ever have done this,' he reasoned with his conscience. 'Maybe I am though. I've never heard of anyone doing this before, but then it's not the kind of thing you would generally hear someone talk about., is it?'

He put it to the back of his mind and busied himself for the remainder of the day, until he heard the sound of footsteps coming down the hallway followed by a knock on the door.

"Chris, it was his mother's voice. Is that the time already? He looked at his watch, four thirty pm.

"Are you settled in son? She called from the other side of the door. He loved that his mother respected his privacy, unlike Sadie who just barged in. 'Hmm. I can use that in my defence,' he grinned to himself. He stood up to open the door, stuck his head through the gap and smiled at Tessa.

"Yeah mom, it's actually not bad at all."

She sighed in relief.

"I'm so glad Chris, I felt awful today thinking about you having to give up your kingdom for Sadie. Are you sure you're okay?"

This was now the least of his concerns. In fact he felt like he was beginning to enjoy the sense of being in a different place, almost like being in a hotel room.

He nodded back at Tessa.

"It's a bit of a change Mom. A nice change actually."

"Well I'm really pleased then," she smiled and stroked his cheek with her hand. "You're really becoming a gentleman, aren't you?"

Chris felt a rush of pride course through his body. He lifted his head and smiled. "Thanks mom, that means a lot."

It did mean a lot to him, especially since feeling cast aside by his sister's unwelcomed and prioritised presence. He closed the door, and felt a warm sensation of relief ease his mind. Then he remembered something that Sadie had said. "Let's hear what mom has to say about this when she gets back from work?" Oh shit! I have to intercept them and stop Sadie from telling mom. Mom would be so mortified.'

He quickly opened his door and made his way downstairs. His sister and mother were already in the kitchen, drinking coffee.

"I put a fresh pot on if you want, Chris." She said smiling. Tessa was in a good mood, both her children were home and she had them to herself.

Chris poured himself a cup from the glass coffee pot and sat at the marble top island. He chanced the odds that while he still sat there, Sadie would not bring up the incident. Obviously he didn't have the slightest defence against what Sadie would tell their mom, other than the potential, flimsy argument that she just barged in. There really is no line of defence to the charge of; "I caught your pervert son jerking off with my panties that he took from my laundry bag." He could always deny it but then why would his sister bring up something that specific in the first place? His best bet is that she wouldn't bring it up at all while he was, to avoid an awkward situation, which meant that he had to be present around his mother and sister until she either forgot what happened, or she went back to college, in three long months away. Mission impossible! For now though, it was off topic. His mom talked about how happy she was to have them both at home and how they should plan a week away at the seaside soon, in Chris' aunt's beach house. Chris and Sadie's ears pricked up at this suggestion. It had been years since they had been on a family vacation. Sadie sat up, bright eyed with a smile full of teeth stretched across her face and even included Chris in her gaze when she fore-casted how their hypothetical trip would unfold.

"That'll be so awesome mom. I saw a two-piece bikini online that I think would look great, and I've got a cool Spotify playlist we can listen to on my Bluetooth speaker the beach, oh and I heard there's a cool club right on the beach-front," she squirmed with excitement on the kitchen stool, her hands gesticulating her excited ideas. "When can we go, mom?"

"Let me chat to your dad and warm him up to the idea. It's a long drive and you know how impatient he gets in the car."

Chris wasn't at all concerned about his sister's excitement. He pictured himself trying to find a spot at the beach house where he could draw ejaculating cocks, wet pussies and perky breasts and master his 'ahegao' face technique. He hoped the new exciting development would put the panty incident to bed. He smiled at the thought. He looked at his mom and then at Sadie. He couldn't remember when last he saw her this happy. She twirled a purple lock of hair between her thumb and forefinger and actually smiled at Chris. Just then Eric came in through the front door and into the kitchen. He looked around.

"Ha! So good to see everyone this excited that I'm home. Smiles all round." He said in an upbeat tone.

"Of course we are excited to have you home you big old hunk," Tessa joked, kissed him on the lips and snuck an arm around his waist. "We're just excited to have everyone home," she said.

"Will you two please set the table?" She asked Chairs and Sadie.

Chris and Sadie both set the table without a word to each other. Chris lay down the cutlery and Sadie arranged the plates and place-mats. The atmosphere thickened the longer they spent, alone, in each other's company. Eventually Chris couldn't tolerate it anymore. Back in the kitchen he was quite relieved that Sadie had not brought up the incident, but when he saw how elated Sadie was at the prospect of a road trip, he felt robbed that he couldn't share in this excitement because all he could think about was his own mortification. He felt it safe to let down his guard.

"Thanks for not saying anything to Mom, or have you?" he asked, surprised at his own utterance. "Maybe we can put this behind us and move forwards?"

Sadie pretended she didn't hear him and continued to straighten the place-mats.

Fuck, so typical, thought Chris. Anyway I've said my piece. If she never talks to me again then, hardly a loss.

He felt a some relief at this conclusion and a bit justified by her stonewall response. In fact, throughout dinner, he put on a lively display of a jovial demeanour. He spoke excitedly with his parents, all the while stealing glances at his sister who sat quietly opposite him. He recalled the tangy aroma he breathed in from her panties and wondered how the actual source would smell, or taste. The visual released a charge of giddy energy that filled his head and raised his blood pressure. It suddenly occurred to him that he was trying to make an impression on Sadie, in much the same way an acquaintance would make, on someone with whom they were infatuated. Was he... infatuated by her, his sister? The idea stormed his mind like a cloud suddenly descending. He hoped that he wasn't blushing. He lowered his head and focused on the floral design that festooned the rim of his plate. After he had he had finished eating, he casually excused himself from the table, put his plate and utensils in the dishwasher and disappeared upstairs.

He lay on his bed as he stared at the ceiling and revisited the thoughts he had during dinner. He shifted to his side helpless under the surprise realisation that he might have a crush on his sister. Not just a lusty fetish thing with her panties but something else. Something that stirred him in his soul. Something that started gnawing around the edges of his heart and weighed down on his chest. He picked up his sketch pad and pencil and started a new drawing to try and distract himself, from himself, but all he could achieve was to rest the charcoal tip against rough, white sheet of paper. He drew a series of feint lines but immediately erased them. He tried again, but all he could think about was her.

"Oh fuck! he whispered. I'm in love with my sister.

He resigned himself to this idea and mulled over the possible prospects. 'I can't possibly entertain such careless and off-limits thoughts.' He closed his eyes and drifted off.

He woke up with a start. He was still fully clothed on top of his covers and his phone buzzed in his hand. He sat up looked around, still unfamiliar with the walls of guest room and looked at his phone. The screen displayed "1 NEW TEXT MESSAGE." He fumbled with his phone and opened the message. It was from Sadie. He focused his eyes on the words. "No, I haven't told Mom. Well not yet." At first it didn't make sense and then he remembered the one way conversation he had with Sadie before dinner.

He typed back. "Thanks Sadie. NOT YET?"

She returned the text, "Well that's up to you little bro?"

"what do you mean?"

A few minutes past by. Chris didn't know what to think. He got up to brush his teeth while he waited, in agony for Sadie's answer, checking his phone every half a minute. As he was rinsing his mouth another text came through.

"Tell me something you little fuck boy. Did you enjoy jerking off with my dirty panties?"

Chris couldn't believe what he just read. Was he having really this conversation with his own sister? He decided to own up to her with gutsy response. "Yeah, I fucking loved it!!" And a tongue emoji.

"Yeah, well good. I hope it's going to be worth it."

"What do you mean?" he typed back.

"Well, here's the deal, pervert. You're going to do what I ask you, without any questions, or..."

A minute went by. Another text.

"Or I tell mom."

"What do you mean do what you tell me?"

"Hmm... Let me see. Okay for starters all that clothing I washed today, remember the clothing in the blue laundry bag where you stole my panties. Well, that all needs to ironing. So, I expect to have it Ironed and neatly folded by the time mom gets home from work tomorrow."

"You're kidding me," he typed.

"Let's see if I'm kidding tomorrow when I tell mom. Good night dickhead!"












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