Bachelor Wife

Greetings all; the characters in my stories exist in my head, but there might be real life inspirations for some of them. Who knows?

This is a totally made up love story between a lonely prospector and a pansexual actor, singer, dancer who was performing soul, jazz, blues, and disco music over a hundred and forty years ago.


Friday evening in 1870-something inside Mario's saloon.

Tacy was singing a slow soulful rendition of The Arkansas Traveler when a weathered looking man standing at the bar caught her eye. She glanced at him and smiled; he nodded at her. He then waited patiently until she and her four man band finished playing the last song of the set. The drummer, saxophone player, guitar player and pianist left the stage, but she lingered for a few moments to accept tips from men who were no doubt lusting for her.

When she finally stepped down onto the saloon floor the outdoorsman approached her and said, "You have a mighty fine singing voice."

"Thank you," she responded sounding huskier than he'd expected to hear.

"I hope you won't take offense at my forwardness, but you're pretty too," he said as he unconsciously licked his lips while studying her high yella complexion and reddish hair, which was no doubt due to a slave master being somewhere in her bloodline.

"Thank you again, and no offense taken," she replied with a smile as she took him all-in in an instant. He looked like he'd lived a hard life, but she liked his nappy beard and gentle expression, and best of all he smelled clean which was her minimum requirement before she'd spend time talking to men who approached her.

"What's your name?" she asked after deciding that he was acceptable.

"Ezekiel Prescott," he replied. "Call me Zeke."

"Nice to meet you Zeke, I'm Tacy Brady."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance Miss Brady," he stated, tipping a fedora that looked brand new.

"Please call me Tacy."

"Alright. Tacy, can I buy you a drink?"

"Thank you Zeke. But I don't drink spirits. They're not good for my voice.

"If that's the case please don't drink any hard liquor and mess it up. Dog gone I've never heard anybody sing like you before."

"That's because I sing from my soul," she stated. "I started singing like that when I was in church and I felt the holy ghost. It was my way of glorifying the Almighty."

"I'm not much of a church go-er, but I'd go to hear you sing," he said, with sincerity in his voice.

"Thank you," she replied and smiled genuinely.

"Yes 'am, I like your soul singing, I sure do," he exclaimed.

Of her three talents, singing, dancing, and acting, singing was her favorite, so his praise of it won her over. "Let's sit while we talk," she said as she got a waitress's attention, then led him to an empty table.

A thick brown skinned woman met them there with a sarsaparilla for her and another mug of beer for him. "It's my treat," said Tacy when she saw the puzzled look on his face.

"Much obliged," he said as he helped her with her chair.

"You're quite welcome," she replied, feeling pleased with herself.

"Ahhh. I think this tastes better than the one I bought for myself," he said playfully after taking a swig.

"Mmm hmm," she responded with a grin, now thoroughly enjoying his company.

He grinned back at her with surprisingly clean teeth, then he drank another swallow of his beer. "How did you go from singing in church to singing in a saloon?"

"It's kind of a long story. I grew-up singing spirituals while I was living on a plantation in Virginia, then I moved to Washington DC after the war. I was going from church to church singing for different congregations when I met the fellas in the band. They told me that my singing style matched the way they played, and I'd be the perfect lead singer for them; with me out front we could all make a living putting on sings. One thing led to another and I ended up here."

"Virginia and Washington DC, where's that?" he asked.

"Back east," she replied, then she turned the tables. "How about you, what were you doing before you started prospecting?"

He took a swig of his beer, then clenched his jaw before saying, "I grew up like you did, except I was on a ranch rather than a plantation. I stayed there after the war was over because I didn't know where else to go until the man who owned the ranch sent me on a cattle drive so I could lookout for his stock. We brought the herd to the railhead here in Denver, and I didn't go back to Texas. I've been here looking for gold every since."

"Do you like prospecting?"

"It's alright," he replied, then he took another swallow of beer.

"What are you going to do when you strike it rich?" she asked cheerfully.

"I don't think I'm going to strike it rich; I think my claim is about tapped out. Lately I've been thinking about settling down, maybe buy me a house here in Five Points and start a business," he stated, then he looked into her eyes.

No man had ever made her feel the way she felt at that moment and she knew that the feeling was mutual. The problem with that was, unbeknownst to him or any of the men who craved her she was actually a man playing the role of a woman. She was also pansexual, which was why she'd been willing to service some of them orally for money. Her only concern had been that some day someone would find out that she wasn't a natural born woman and hurt her because of it.

What she hadn't counted on was falling in love with a man, "Okay, I'd better get my band so we can get back to work before Mario forgets how much he needs us here," she said as she abruptly stood up.

"Alright," he responded, standing up to show her respect. "It was good to meet you."

"You too," she replied, then she started to walk away, but a pang of regret for what might have been under different circumstances stopped her. "Do you have a request?"

"Beg pardon?" he asked.

"Is there a song you'd like to hear?"

"Let me call you sweetheart," he responded, and it sounded as much like a request for permission from her, as it did asking to hear the song.

She arched an eyebrow and half smiled in response.


When her band returned to the stage Zeke watched her say something to the saxophone player before he began to play the song. She then locked eyes with Zeke, which was something she often did with patrons to entice them to tip her, but this time she felt the emotions she was showing.

As Zeke watched her luscious lips move sensually while she sang in a bluesy style, he felt his johnson begin to swell.

After finishing Let Me Call You Sweetheart she signaled something to the piano player with her fingers, and he began to play Oh My Darling Clementine. She knew she was playing with fire, but something about Zeke caused her pucker to wink from arousal. She put her heart into singing Clementine in a crooning style, and when she was done several of the other prospectors in the saloon threw gold nuggets onto the stage.

After she acknowledged them the band played the last song of the set; Buffalo-gal Won't You Come Out Tonight, which they performed to the disco beat that swept the world a century later. It had the place rocking. As the band played her off the stage at the end of the song, she blew Zeke a kiss before disappearing into a nearby room.


The long day of travel from his claim, followed by a hot bath, and finally a couple of cold mugs of beer combined to take its toll and Zeke headed to his hotel room for a nap. He was registered at the best hotel in the Five Points neighborhood, which meant that it had the clean sheets and soft bed that he'd been longing for, but as comfortable as it was he couldn't fall asleep because he was thinking about Tacy. He thought that he was a confirmed bachelor, so it didn't make sense to him that he was so drawn to her. He fell asleep while lying there staring at the ceiling, trying to come to terms with the fact that he'd found a woman who interested him.

He woke up close to midnight starving, and went to Me-Ma's restaurant which was one of the best places in the neighborhood to get a meal that time of night. He was served steak and potatoes that were so good he wanted to slap somebody after he was done eating, but he was the only person in the restaurant other than the owner, so he settled for leaving a big tip instead.



Zeke collected his saddlebags out of the hotel's safe after early breakfast, then took his latest earnings from the gold he'd found and deposited them into the black owned bank in the Five Points neighborhood. He then checked his horse out of the livery stable and spent the afternoon riding around the area looking at the changes that had taken place since the last time he was in town.

After eating and early dinner at Me-Ma's again, he headed to Mario's saloon to properly wash down his meal. He was surprised to find that Tacy and her band were doing a completely different show that night. The saxophone player told some jokes that have everybody laughing, then Tacy came out and told some jokes that were downright raunchy. The entire band then put on a short play, which was a romantic comedy. She didn't sing that night; instead she played the tambourine as the band did their songs in the style that became known as jazz.

After they finished the show she joined him at his table. "My goodness you were funny, but I'm surprised that you knew those words," he said with a laugh.

"Thank you," she replied, then she laughed as she took a seat. "I'm sorry you heard that... you'll probably never look at me the same again."

"To be honest; seeing that you have that side to you made me like you even more."

"Aww, that's nice of you to say."

After taking a gulp from his mug of beer he stared at her for a few seconds before saying, "I've been thinking about you since I left here last night."

"Oh thank you. You're so sweet," she responded, then she pressed her lips together firmly before saying, "I've been thinking about you too. That's why we need to talk."

Zeke's stomach was instantly in a knot, and he prepared himself to hear her say that she had a bunch of kids, or she was already spoken for.

She could see concern in his eyes as he waited for her to go on. "Don't worry, the world's not coming to an end," she reassured him. "I want to tell you something, but I'd rather do it somewhere quieter than here. I'm off work soon... meet me at Me-Ma's in a little while."


Tacy's drummer walked with her to Me-Ma's. When they went inside he sat at the counter while Pa-pa followed her to the table she chose. "Here you are Tacy; your regular piece of pie and a glass of water," he said.

"Thank you Pa-pa," she responded sweetly.

Zeke walked into the dining room just as Pa-pa was headed back behind the counter. "Good evening," Zeke said to everyone. Tacy smiled, Pa-pa nodded, and the drummer grunted. "Do you have another piece of pie?" asked Zeke.

"Yes sir, I'll be right back with it."

Pa-pa was back within a minute with another piece of pie and a glass of water.

"Thank you sir," said Zeke.

"Yes sir," responded Pa-pa.

"Mmm, it's good isn't it?" said Tacy as each of them ate their first bite.

"Mm hmm," replied Zeke as he chewed.

After they finished their pie and drank their water Tacy looked Zeke in the eyes and held her gaze for a moment before saying, "Zeke, tell me if I'm wrong, but it appears that you're interested in me."

"Yes I am."

"Good, because I'm interested in you too," she stated, then she glanced at her drummer who was acting as her bodyguard, to signal him that she was about to say it. "But there's something I need to tell you... I was born William Brady."

Zeke was stunned. He knew about men taking a woman's role, and vice-versa, but never in an eon would he have guessed that Tacy was one of them. "What?" was all he could manage to say.

The story I told you about getting into show business was true, but I left out that we were barely making enough money to survive from doing our shows. I'd noticed that everywhere we put on a show the women working in the saloons were making more money than we were. I knew I could pass as a woman because I use to play dress-up with the girls when I lived on the plantation. We were desperate to make more money, so I asked one of the women at the saloon I was singing at to help me put on makeup and let me borrow a dress.

"We made as much money that night as we'd made in our best week. After that I started dressing as a woman when we did our show. I wasn't trying to trick anybody into romancing me, I was just trying to make a living."

She then looked at him and bit her bottom lip nervously before saying, "I found that I liked the attention the men gave me, and since I'm not partial to being a man over being a woman, or being a woman over being a man, I started dressing as a woman all the time."

"Uh huh. So you're just play-acting," said Zeke.

Tacy's heart sank. "I'm so sorry for making you believe I was a woman, and I'm sorry for thinking for one second that you'd ever be interested in me once you knew the truth," she said with tears welling in her eyes.

"No, no, you read me wrong," he blurted out. "I have to admit something to you too. Every since I laid eyes on you I've been trying to figure out why I couldn't get you off my mind. You see, I like what the men at the mining camp call a bachelor relationship."

Just then Pa-pa said, "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but I've sold all of the food we cooked today, so it's time to close."

Zeke looked at Tacy and said, "Do you mind if I see you home?"

Not at all," she replied.

They then said goodnight to Pa-pa and the drummer.


Tacy looped her arm through Zeke's, then they made the short walk to her house in silence with each of them lost in their thoughts. When they arrived at her front door, she looked to her left and right to see if anyone was there, then she quickly pulled him inside.

She lit a kerosene lamp and invited him to sit down before unwrapping her hair. It was braided and several inches long, which surprised him. "Ladies expect me to have long hair same as any other woman," she explain when she saw him looking at it.

She then joined him at the table. They sat there quietly for a minute or two, then she bit her lower lip before saying, "I'm not play-acting right now. When it comes to relations, I'm not particular whether I'm with a man or a woman either. Do you want a bachelor relationship with me?"

"Yes I do," he replied.

He'd barely finished speaking before Tacy was out of her chair, onto his lap, hugging and kissing him all over his face. When she felt his hard dick she reached underneath her butt and gave it a squeeze. Moments later they were naked on her bed with her lying flat on her back and him on his side propped up on his elbow.

"This is unbelievable, you have both a man's and a woman's body," said Zeke as he rubbed and caressed her. He was fascinated by how soft and smooth her skin was, and that there was enough padding on her chest to give her a-cup sized breasts. Somehow that same body had an average size cock that was surrounded by soft and silky pubic hair.

"I've never been with a man other than sucking their dick," she said as she watched him admire her.

"Are you saying you want to do more than that?" he asked

"I think so," she replied. "I want to be taken as if I were a real woman.

"Okay," responded Zeke, then he leaned down and kissed her, which led to them doing some intense hugging and kissing, and him giving lots of attention to her small titties.

Eventually they got around to sucking each other's cock, and went at it until Tacy took his dick out of her mouth and said, "I want you to fuck me."

"Okay, but my peter is pretty thick so it's going to hurt some," he warned her. "If you have some Vaseline to grease my pole that'll help it go into your bunghole easier. "Lay on your side, that'll help it hurt less too."

He had to work at it to get his cock into her asshole, and he was right about it hurting, but she really wanted it and it wasn't painful enough for her to make him stop. Once he was in there he pumped her slow and easy at first, then when she loosened up he started slamming into her bowels balls deep. He put it to her like that over and over again until he busted his nut and she came from his dick massaging her prostate.


They got bachelor married and lived happily as husband and wife, while raising a son and a daughter they adopted from prostitutes from a local cathouse.

Zeke used the small fortune he received when he sold his mining claim to purchase a building that they converted into a playhouse, where Tacy headlined for years.!ku56228/


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